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6 Signs on What It Means to Be Asexual?

#2: Asexuals could crave relationships, just without the sexual element.

April Phan

Nov 19 · 3 min read

efore we begin, I would like to note that everyone expresses their sexual orientation differently. Some may identify with all or some of the signs I mentioned. Others may relate to a few or none that I’ve listed. Our list is not definitive but is only some of the key aspects I’ve chosen. Are you struggling with your sexual identity? Do you think you may be asexual? Trying to figure out what your sexual orientation may be daunting but this listicle can help.

Number one: The lack of sexual attraction

Are your romantic relationships based on sexual attraction? Asexuality refers to a lack of or low level of sexual attraction to others. So, instead of sexual attraction, asexuals are more likely to experience other forms of attraction, like platonic, romantic, and so on. However, some asexuals do experience sexual attraction sometimes. Demisexual, for example, is a type of asexuality.

Number two: Asexuals could crave relationships, just without the sexual element

While some asexuals don’t experience any sexual attraction, that doesn’t mean they can’t experience other forms of attraction, which include, romantic attraction, the desire to have a romantic relationship with someone, aesthetic attraction, the attraction towards someone based on how they look, sensual or physical attraction, the desire to touch, hold, or cuddle someone. Platonic attraction, the desire to be friends with someone, and emotional attraction, the desire to have an emotional connection with someone.

Number three: They get over crushes easily

Are your crushes short-lived? Sometimes asexuals may put an end to their relationships with another person when the relationship becomes too intimate. They value more romantic or physical attractions over sexual attraction. So if these values don’t align or agree with their crush’s values, then they’re likely to let go early on in the relationship.

Number four: Not having any celebrity crushes

Speaking of crushes, have you ever had a celebrity crush ever in your life? If you haven’t, that’s totally okay. So, while asexuals may have a preference for which celebrity they like or admire, it’s unlikely that their preference is based on a sexual attraction to them.

Number five: Some asexuals may only experience sexual attraction in certain circumstances

Asexuality has a wide spectrum. Some may only experience sexual attraction in very limited circumstances, while some may experience none at all. For example, people who are demisexual, which falls under the asexual umbrella, experience sexual attraction only when they have a deep connection to a person. This means they might only feel sexually attracted to people they have deep romantic relationships with.

And number six, sex depends

Is sex a must for your relationships? Most asexuals often don’t need sex to satisfy themselves over the course of their lifetime. They may feel that there’s an abundance of activities and events waiting for them to enjoy, other than focusing on intimate relationships. However, some may want sex due to hopes of conceiving children, to satisfy their libido, or to feel physically close with their partner.

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Written by April Phan

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